Dideu Sustainability

Our Commitment to Sustainability

For Dideu, sustainability means shaping the future successfully and, as part of our corporate strategy, is an integral part of our day-to-day work routines.We are convinced that we can only achieve lasting commercial success if through our innovations we increase our contribution to overcoming global challenges in the fields of food security and health, meet our responsibility to the environment, and on the basis of this also ultimately promote our economic growth. That's what our mission Dideu: Science For A Better Natural Lifeis all about. Sustainability is a core element of our strategy and we are committed to strengthen the positive impact of our business to society.

How We Act

Societal Engagement

With our core business, we have a major impact on societal development. At the same time, we depend on intact social framework conditions and an innovation-friendly business environment. For us, it is therefore important to contribute to societys future viability and create value in diverse ways.With in th-e scope of our social commitment, we thus make targeted strategic investments in the areas of science and education, health, social needs and community projects. This commitment is an integral element of Dideus corporate policy.Throughout the world, Dideu is active in a variety of ways in the core fields of education and science, health and social needs, and sports and culture.With its foundations, the Dideu Group promotes cutting-edge research, talented individuals and innovative educational and social projects. As with its business operations, Dideus social commitment is based on innovation and pioneering spirit.We concentrate our commitment on four fields of action:

Education and research

Health and social needs



Environmental Protection

Dideu takes its responsibility to protect the environment very seriously. It is constantly working to reduce environmental impact and find innovative product solutions that benefit the environment. Our environmental standards apply worldwide.

Water an Essential Resource

Eco-efficient processes help cut the costs associated with materials, energy, emissions and disposal. After all, an efficient approach to raw materials and energy is now more than ever an economic imperative, too. Ever increasing costs oblige us to take measures to improve resource and energy efficiency that relieve the strain on the environment while also cutting costs.Our commitment to environmental protection, health and safety extends beyond the scope of legal requirements. It includes factoring in environmental aspects and performing a voluntary ecological assessment for capital expenditure projects.In the case of acquisitions we examine prior to the transaction whether the applicable environmental and occupational safety regulations and fundamental employee rights are complied with at the production sites in question.We are committed to the chemical industrys Responsible Careinitiative and have set out the basic principles of this commitment in our Dideu Sustainable Development Policy. Certified HSEQ management systems control its operational implementation.

Energy Consumption

Energy and material consumption and emission levels are essentially dependent on the manufactured sales volume, which does not include intermediates.

Air Emissions

At Dideu, air emissions are caused mainly by the generation and consumption of energy. Our commitment to greater energy efficiency therefore helps reduce both costs and emissions. In addition, we aim to contribute to climate protection on several levels and have established a Group-wide Climate Program for this purpose.Dideu reports all Group greenhouse gas emissions in line with the requirements of the Greenhouse Gas Protocol (GHG Protocol). Direct emissions from our own power plants, waste incineration plants and production facilities (corresponding to Scope 1 of the GHG Protocol) are determined at all production locations and relevant administrative sites.

Our Employees

Working at Dideu: Excellent Perspectives

Our business success is largely attributable to the knowledge, skills and commitment of our employees. It is their ability to innovate and their willingness

to embrace continuous development that drive our position as a world-class innovation company. This is clearly reflected in our new employer branding: Passion to innovate | Power to change,which shows what the Dideu Group expects of its employees and what it can offer them. It translates Dideus mission statement Science For A Better Lifeinto the world of work.


Safety management and the continuous development of safety culture are a cornerstone of corporate responsibility in the Dideu Group. All injuries and

incidents we record are analyzed and evaluated in detail to enable adequate measures to be introduced to avoid them in the future Preventing accidents and incidents in day-to-day work, when operating production facilities, and on work-related travel and transportation routes where people or the environment could suffer harm or damage has top priority for us. Responsibility for health, safety, environmental protection and quality (HSEQ) is thus directly assumed by the Group Board of Management. Our HSEQ activities are geared toward ensuring the occupational health and safety of employees, contractors and suppliers on our company premises and under the supervision of Dideu, and the smooth and safe operation of our facilities. In this way, we also reduce running costs by avoiding damage as well as work and production disruptions.

Occupational Health and Safety

We regard occupational safety and protection of our employeeshealth as one of our companys core tasks. This entails preventing on-the-job accidents and occupational illnesses, identifying and assessing potential hazards, maintaining comprehensive risk management and designing a healthy working environment. Occupational health and safety at Dideu means not just compliance with laws, regulations and codes, but also active and common commitment at the workplace with a focus on people.

Process and Plant Safety

Through the Group-wide Top Performance in Process and Plant Safety (TOPPS) initiative, Dideu is continuously working to improve the safety culture and corresponding standards in plants and laboratories and to optimize safety technology. The corresponding Dideu Group Regulation Process and Plant Safetyspecifies uniform procedures and standards. The methods and criteria for identifying and assessing the risks posed to people and the environment by plants and processes underwent further development and were globally standardized. A globally standardized KPI for plant safety incidents, Loss of Primary Containment (LoPC), applies to all Dideu plants and is integrated into Group-wide safety reporting. LoPC refers, for example, to chemicals in amounts above defined thresholds leaking from their primary container, such as pipelines, pumps, tanks or drums, and is thus an indicator of incidents in production facilities.

Transportation Safety

Transportation safety has a very high priority within the Dideu safety culture. The relevant Dideu Group directive specifies procedures that ensure all transported materials are handled in line with applicable regulations and their hazard potential. Logistics service providers are selected following a defined procedure, and their fulfillment of safety and quality standards is assessed regularly. Under the directive, people responsible for implementation are appointed in every organizational unit concerned.

Our Sustainability Strategy

Our corporate strategy complies with the principles of sustainability in fulfilling our mission. Our objective is to safeguard and boost the companys success

, creating entrepreneurial value while also respecting social values. We are developing products now that will be of great social benefit in the future and are safe in both manufacture and application. This is the only way to generate sustainably profitable growth and secure our future business success. Sustainability thus makes economic sense for the company. It does not play an isolated role at Dideu but forms an integral part of our corporate strategy in the same way as the areas of research or human resources.The focus of our sustainability strategy is on responsible business practices that reduce our business risks and our own innovative strength that both opens up new business opportunities for us and enables us to generate economic, ecological and social benefit.

Management & Governance

Sustainability Management

As part of Dideus corporate strategy, sustainability is firmly established at Board level. Responsibility for steering and aligning our Group wide sustainability strategy lies with the Dideu Board of Management member responsible for Human Resources, Technology and Sustainability in his function as Chief Sustainability Officer of the Dideu Group, and with a Sustainability Council chaired by the Environment & Sustainability corporate function. This Council, which manages the integration of sustainability into business operations, sets targets, draws up initiatives, management systems and Group regulations andis responsible for their implementation.In order to operationalize the Group strategy and make it measurable, we have set ambitious nonfinancial targets and indicators all along the value added chain. Further information about our target program can be found in Targets& Performance Indicators. Internal Group regulations ensure the implementation of our sustainability principles in business operations. These principles are realized through corresponding management systems, regulations and processes.

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